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Christian Retirement Village Email Newsletter

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December 2019

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you. We are so blessed to be loved by a God who wants to have a relationship with us and sent His Son to be the payment for our sins.

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Our Most Urgent Need

A new dishwasher is our most urgent need. Currently we have to wash all the dishes by hand and then put them in a sanitizer. Unfortunately, the sanitizer has to be repaired often with make-shift parts that last only a short period as parts are no longer available. This is very inefficient and labor-intensive. The dual-dish rack dishwasher we need is made entirely of stainless steel with unique upper and lower spray arm systems which complete the cleaning in minutes. The pump purging system eliminates soil and chemical carryover during the rinse cycle. The cost, including installation, is approximately $5,000.

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  1. Donations have come in to secure and install new flooring for the Dining Hall/Chapel/Foyer area. Previous bid came to $12,000. Photos and write-up coming.
  2. 90 Junior ROTC students came to rake up all our leaves in early November. Then they promptly went down to where all of the leaves were dumped and had a leaf fight. They had fun and we were blessed!
  3. Much-needed screens were placed over gutters on buildings 3, 4, 5 and 16. The cost came to $2,880. Donations to help cover the cost would be appreciated.
  4. Removal and replacement of sidewalk-patio at Unit 5-4 has been completed via resident Lee Ross, Robin Harrison and a volunteer group from Eagle Christian Church who donated the materials and helped with the concrete pour and finish work.
  5. Installation of outside no-freeze faucets at five buildings has been completed at a cost of $2,588. Any offering to help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Two new church groups volunteered their help for the kitchen and dining room, Eagle Christian Church and Rock Harbor Christian Church.
  7. St. Alphonsus Hospital was phasing out several Stryker hospital beds and donated them to our residents in need. We are very grateful for these extremely costly beds.
  8. Sewer lines for the kitchen/dining hall and buildings 9 and 10 have been flushed of grease with high pressure.
  9. Painting of building 8 was completed by volunteers from Eagle Christian Church and Rock Harbor Christian Church. This included repairs to the outside, preparation painting and removal of debris and an old shed and debris. Additionally, one shed was also painted to match the house. Thanks and praises to all. (Photos included below).
  10. Painting of the inside of Unit 16-4 has been completed. A new shower enclosure and tile floor is being prepared for a new resident. (Photos included below).
  11. All kitchen staff are newly certified with the Sheriff&#39s Department for Community Service workers. Also, Corwin "Corky" Brown has completed "Serve Safe" certification.
  12. Taylor Bros. Fire and Safety completed the annual check of all fire extinguishers.

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The Village Needs List

  • Sliding screens for 2 kitchen doors – $300 each
  • Provide meals for one day a year – $320
  • New tires for pickup, transport bus, quad and golf cart (&#x24 800 &#x24 1500 &#x24 400 &#x24 300)
  • Carpeting needs to be replaced in several units (bids are being obtained)
  • A paid position is available in maintenance. Contact Michael at 208-344-0551
  • Take my church on a tour of the Village. Contact Michael at 208-344-0551
  • Volunteer myself for whatever is needed. Contact Michael at 208-344-0551
  • Lift up the Village in prayer for continued financial support. Contact God.


Residents amd their families converse while wating for thanksgiving dinner.

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Something to be thankful for

Thanksgiving generosity provided by Heritage Christian Church in Emmett. Other churches also contributed and Heritage delivered everything. Thank you so much!!!

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The kitchen crew hard to work preparing some delicious food for the feast.

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Jerry Zach playing the piano during Thanksgiving dinner.

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Jr&#46 ROTC members from all over the Boise area stand at attention before raking leaves. After unloading the leaves in the garden area, they had a fun leaf fight. The group was led by Lt&#46 Col&#46 Peterson.

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Work being done!

Leaf guards installed by All American Rain Gutter and Andrea Day painting doors throughout the village.

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Preparation, painting, and debris removal of Building 8 by Eagle and Rock Harbor Christian Churches.

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Andrea painting unit and prepping bath for Unit 16-4 for new resident.

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Focus on the Family

Wayne and Jerry

The Dakes decided to spend their active retirement years serving at Intermountain Christian Camp near Fairfield, ID. Eighteen years later they moved to the Village (in October 2011). Jesus called Wayne home on January 7, 2018. After spending most of his adult years as a carpenter Jerry says he is now helping to build mansions in heaven awaiting her arrival. This couple, married for more than 64 years, have 2 married daughters, 7 married grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.

phone:(208) 344-0551

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